Too Much Sun Can Ruin Your Vacation Fun: Here’s How to Avoid It

No one wants it to rain on their vacation. You want sun – and lots of it. But you CAN have too much sun on your vacation and the results can put a damper on your fun. When you’re on your hard-earned trip, the last thing you want to deal with is a painful sunburn […]


5 Strategies for Mastering Mental Health and Wellness

When you hear the word “wellness,” what do you think of? Probably, healthy foods and exercise, right? Those are both great things and are certainly a part of your overall wellness. What you may not think about is mental health and wellness. The truth is, staying mentally healthy is even more important and requires just […]


Can You Pass This Dental Hygiene Quiz?

Brushing, flossing, regular trips to the dentist. You already know that these are the components of good oral hygiene. They’re a necessity – not just for your teeth and mouth but for the health of the rest of your body, too. Let’s get back to basics and refresh your knowledge with this little quiz. 1. […]


12 Incredibly Useful Medicare Terms You Need to Know

No matter where you find yourself in the process, Medicare terminology can be difficult to understand. To make sure you’re getting the Medicare coverage that’s best for you and your unique situation, there are some “insurance-y” words with which you need to have some familiarity. Here are 12 of the most important Medicare terms you […]



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